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House rules

House rules WAVES


These house rules apply to anyone who visits WAVES between the 19thand 23rdof June 2019 on Texel (beach at Paal 17).


Always follow the instructions of authorized persons appointed by the WAVES organization. In situations not provided for in these regulations, the organization or persons appointed by the organization will decide.

Access to WAVES

Access to WAVES is only possible when valid admission ticket is presented, or in case of other authorization issued by the organization. Authorizations issued by WAVES are not transferable. At the request of persons appointed by the organization of WAVES, everyone must be able to prove that they have a valid admission ticket or other authorization.

It is forbidden to stop in, or to go to, another area of WAVES than the area(s) which one is entitled to be in.

Everyone present at the location must be able to identify themselves.

WAVES does not have a minimum age for visiting the event, but visitors aged 16 or younger must be accompanied by an adult.

It is not allowed to buy and / or consume alcohol during WAVES for visitors under the age of 18. In addition, visitors that are 18 years and older are not allowed to pass alcohol to visitors under the age of 18. In the event of a violation, visitors will be removed immediately. At the request of bar staff, security or other authorized persons, an ID-proof must be shown so that the age can be determined.

Smoking is only allowed outside. No smoking is permitted in buildings, tents and/or under coverings. Visitors under the age of 18 can not buy tobacco at this event.

The persons appointed by the WAVES organization have the right to inspect anyone they wish to have access to at the location, and to confiscate unauthorized objects. Confiscated objects are stored at risk of the owner until after the visit, unless they are legally prohibited articles. Control is done through visitation and private law safety search (POV). The execution of the visitation / POV at WAVES is done at the entrance and exit control and any area within the site if there is reason to do so. Within WAVES, we mean visiting and POV: Visiting: Checking bags, suitcases, boxes and everything they carry. POV: checks atop of clothing, inside of bags and possibly shoes. If the above checks are refused, the visitor will no longer be granted access.

The following items may not be taken inside:

1. food and beverages;
2. dangerous objects, including (defense) weapons such as pepper spray and smurf spray, knives, glass and / or can (eg perfume and deodorant);
3. (soft / hard) drugs and alcohol;
4. toxic, slightly flammable or slightly explosive materials, fireworks;
5. skates, bicycles, scooters, skateboards etc .;
6. animals (pets);
7. professional photo, video and audio recording equipment and so-called selfie sticks;
8. benches, folding seats (or any form of seats, except backpack chairs);
9. bags larger than A4 size;
10. umbrellas

and all other matters which, in the opinion of the organization of WAVES and the persons appointed by the organization of WAVES, may constitute a danger to health, safety and public order;

The use of drones above land and water of the Ronde van Texel and WAVES event area is strictly prohibited;

It is not permitted to propagate (religious or political) convictions, to hold demonstrations or to wear football club gear and/or motor club gear;

Advertising, conducting public surveys, counts, collections and offering goods and services on the WAVES site is not permitted, unless written permission has been obtained from the organization.

The organization of WAVES reserves the right to deny visitors access to WAVES without giving any reason, without these persons being entitled to compensation for damage.


At the festival site, everyone is not permitted to make sound, photo and / or film recordings or other visual material for commercial purposes, unless written permission has been obtained from the organization.

WAVES is authorized to take photo and video recordings for commercial purposes. By joining the festival site you agree with this.


Anyone at the location should be informed of escape routes that must be used in the event of a calamity. The use of elevators in the event of a calamity is forbidden. The organization of WAVES is entitled to vacate the location if there is reason to do so.

No compensation

Visiting WAVES is entirely at your own risk. The organization accepts no liability for any damage, for whatever reason.

Denying access and removal

Staff members designated by the WAVES organization are at all times authorized to refuse access to or remove those not complying with the house rules or behaving in an obstructive or disruptive manner from the premises.

Detection of criminal offenses will always be reported to the police. In such cases, staff members appointed by the WAVES organization are authorized to make an arrest and transfer the person(s) to the police.


WAVES reserves the right to make changes to these house rules. Visitors are encouraged to regularly examine the house rules of WAVES with regard to changes

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