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Cookie statement

Cookies are small files that we place on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and read when you use our websites or apps. Some cookies are necessary, for example to enable ticket sales. Thanks to cookies, we can analyze your online behavior on our pages and in our apps. With the help of these analyzes, we make our websites and apps increasingly better. There are cookies that make the website more personal, so that you can use Google Maps for information in regards to our event locations. Also e-mails from Waves B.V. (hereafter ‘Waves’) or her Partners (if you have agreed) can leave a file that sends information when you open the e-mail, both on your computer, on your tablet, and on your mobile.

You can always change the settings by deleting cookies via your browser’s internet options and visiting our website again. We use the following cookies:

– TECHNICALLY NECESSARY COOKIES. These Cookies are necessary to enable the technical operation of our websites, apps, services or tools.

– FUNCTIONAL COOKIES. These Cookies are used to provide functionality to make use of our websites, such as the ability to store preferences on a website and other functionalities, whether or not within the duration of the session in question.

– ANALYTIC COOKIES. This website uses Google Analytics and other analysis Cookies in a privacy friendly way, in order to analyze how visitors use our websites and apps. This way we can improve the user-friendliness of a website and app.

– MARKETING OR TRACKING COOKIES. We use Cookies for commercial and promotional purposes. The collected (personal) data is linked, analyzed and used for the development of profiles, segments and target groups to show relevant information and personalized offers on websites, apps, social media and other marketing channels, whether or not from external parties. The privacy and cookie statements of the relevant external parties apply to the (personal) data processed via third party cookies. We have no influence on this.

We collect IP address and MAC address (where possible anonymous), surfing and clicking behavior, cookie identifiers, technical characteristics (such as the browser you use and the resolution of your computer screen), from which page you came to websites, when and how long you visit or use our Websites and Apps, whether you use the functionalities of our Websites and Apps, which pages you visit on our Websites and which screens of the Apps you view.

Do not want cookies at all? Via your browser at ‘internet options’ you disable all cookies. However, it is possible that not everything works well. Our websites may not appear normally or you can not use certain functionalities.

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